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Accelero Schedules GLP Summer Seminars for 2018

Berlin, November 30, 2017
Acelero Bioanalytics, a GLP certified test facility based in Berlin (Germany), notifies today that the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) "Summer Seminar" series first launched in 2016 will be continued into its third year.

As a result of our success with this seminars in Germany, new GLP Basic Courses have been scheduled for the summer 2018:

17. May 2018 in Berlin, InterCity Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof (before the FIFA Football World Championchips)

06. September 2018 in Speyer, Hotel Domhof (after the FIFA Football World Championchips).

Please follow this link to download the Accelero Flyer.

European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy Sponsoring

ESGCT logo blue horizontal web


Berlin, July 06, 2017
Accelero Bioanalytics is proud to support the 25th Anniversary Congress of the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT) taking place from 17-20 October 2017 at the Berlin Congress Center (bcc).

The congress will be organized right in city center close to Berlin Alexanderplatz, one of the most exciting must-see locations in Berlin. The Alexanderplatz has been the scene for the famous non-governmental Monday Demonstrations in November 1989, which at the end was the jump start for the peaceful revolution in the ancient German Democratic Republic, and the wall breakdown in Germany.

Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH is a GLP certified bioanalyical service provider maintaining its BSL-2 laboratories only a stone´s throw away from the congress center. Our test facility manager will be encouraged to meet you at the congress. If you prefer to arrange an apointment or a site visit, please click here. Accelero is looking forward to welcome you at the ESGCT congress and the GLP test facility.

German Heart Center Berlin Cooperation in microRNA Biomarker Research

Berlin, March 10, 2017
Accelero Bioanalytics announces today that the company cooperates with the German Heart Center Berlin (Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin, DHZB) to identify microRNA biomarkers in cardiovascular diseases. Main purpose of the pilot study is to detect selected microRNA targets in clinical blood samples as well as heart tissue biopsies by applying Accelero´s real-time PCR capabilities.

UniStemDay2017 Logo

Berlin, March 04, 2017

The German Stem Cell Network (GSCN) invites to the second European UniStem Day 2017, an international event to give high school students an understanding of human stem cells, and current research in this field.

The UniStem Day 2017 is organized on Friday, March 17, 2017, and will take place at the Max-Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin. The event includes multimedia presentation on current human stem cell research as well as seminars and workshops for the students to acquire this kowledge.

Accelero believes in the enormous potential of future stem cell therapies. The company founder opens the possibility for selected students of the Montessori School Berlin Buch to participate in this exciting event, and to gain insight stem cell therapies and its promising applications. 

For the German version, please click here.

To download the press release (separate versions in German and English are available), please click here.


2016 Business Year Sees 57% Sales Growth with 5.9% Profit Margin

Berlin, February 03, 2017
The company's management announces today that the 2016 fiscal year has been exceptionally successful.

  • Sales climbed by 57 % compared to the previous year.
  • 41 % is attributable to customers from other European countries.
  • Doubling the customer base - no customer contributes more than 30 % to the total turnover.
  • 2016 with a five-digit profit, the return on sales is 5.9 %.
  • At the same time, consequent reductions in current liabilities.
  • Similar to previous years, linear laboratory personnel development.
  • Nationwide launch of training and consulting opportunities in the areas of "Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)" and "Regulated Bioanalysis".

As in previous years, the company will publish the exact figures as soon as possible in the Bundesanzeiger.


Prognosis for the Financial Year 2017
Order receipt for the recently launched fiscal year 2017 is already about 30% higher than the previous year's total turnover. To encounter the continuous business growth, additional activities are scheduled:

  • Expansion of the laboratory location in Berlin-Adlershof by creating additional lab space.
  • Laboratory staff adaptation in the second half of the year.
  • Continuous advancement of the training and consulting service opportunities.
  • Service portfolio completion by the GLP and GCP compliant maintenance of a flow cytometer (FACS) as a physico-chemical test system for microbiology, cell culture and clinical pharmacodynamics.

This year the company will be presented at selected conferences and industry events, for example at the 2nd German Pharm-Tox Summit from 6 to 9 March 2017 in Heidelberg.

For the current financial year, the company expects sales increase of around 30 % (compared to 2016) with a constant return on sales of approximately 6 %.


About Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH
The company is a privately financed contract research organization based in Berlin, Germany. The focus is on the marketing of bioanalytical laboratory services for research biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The service team develops and validates bioanalytical test methods in the customer's order as they are applied in the characterization of novel drugs or therapies in preparation for regulatory approval procedures.

The company works in compliance with the OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). The laboratories are classified as biosafety level S2 according to the Genetic Engineering Safety Act. Bioanalytical GLP studies for the non-clinical development of novel therapies are processed at the laboratory site in Berlin Adlershof. In addition, the Accelero team supports clinical trials of phases 0-3 according to the ICH GCP guideline.

Your contact to Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH:
Christian Lange, Managing Director
Telephone: +49 30 610 910 300 (Office) +49 30 610 910 307 (GLP Laboratories)
Email: service[at]accelero-bioanalytics.com

Your contact to GLP training and consulting opportunities (currently available only in German-speaking countries):
Joachim Hajok, GLP Qality Assurance
Email: GLPpraxisnah[at]accelero-bioanalytics.com



Geschäftsjahr 2016 mit 57% Umsatzplus und 5.9% Umsatzrendite

Berlin, den 03. Februar 2017
Die Geschäftsführung des Unternehmens teilt heute mit, dass das zurückliegende Geschäftsjahr 2016 außergewöhnlich erfolgreich abgeschlossen werden konnte.

  • Der Umsatz kletterte um 57 % gegenüber dem Vorjahr.
  • Davon entfallen 41 % auf Kunden aus dem europäischen Ausland.
  • Verdoppelung des Kundenstamms, kein Kunde trägt mehr als 30 % zum Gesamtumsatz bei.
  • Geschäftsjahr 2016 mit fünfstelligem Gewinn, die Umsatzrendite beträgt 5.9%.
  • Gleichzeitig konsequenter Abbau kurzfristiger Verbindlichkeiten.
  • Analog zu den Vorjahren lineare Personalentwicklung im Labormanagement.
  • Bundesweite Markteinführung eines Schulungs- und Consultingangebotes in den Themenbereichen „Gute Laborpraxis (GLP)“ und „Regulierte Bioanalytik“.

Die exakten Kennzahlen wird das Unternehmen wie in den Vorjahren zeitnah im Bundesanzeiger veröffentlichen.


Blick auf das Geschäftsjahr 2017
Der Auftragseingang für das kürzlich begonnene Geschäftsjahr ist bereits jetzt ca. 30 % höher als der Gesamtumsatz des Vorjahres. Es ergibt sich daher die Notwendigkeit für zusätzliche Aktivitäten:

  • Ergänzung des Laborstandortes in Berlin-Adlershof durch Schaffung zusätzlichen Laborraumes.
  • Anpassung des Laborpersonals in der zweiten Jahreshälfte.
  • Kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung des Schulungs- und Consulting-Angebotes.
  • Erweiterung des Service-Angebotes durch die GLP und GCP konforme Inbetriebnahme eines Durchflusszytometers (FACS) als physikalisch-chemisches Prüfsystem für Mikrobiologie, Zellkultur und klinische Pharmakodynamik.

Erstmalig wird das Unternehmen auf ausgewählten Fachtagungen und Branchen-Veranstaltungen präsentiert, beispielsweise auf dem 2nd German Pharm-Tox Summit vom 06. bis 09. März 2017 in Heidelberg.

Für das laufende Geschäftsjahr erwartet die Gesellschaft ca. 30 % Umsatzplus (gegenüber 2016) bei gleichbleibender Umsatzrendite von ca. 6 %.


Über die Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH
Das Unternehmen ist ein privat finanziertes Auftragsforschungsunternehmen mit Sitz in Berlin. Schwerpunkt ist die Vermarktung von bioanalytischen Labordienstleistungen für forschende Biotechnologie- und Pharmaunternehmen. Das Serviceteam entwickelt und validiert im Kundenauftrag bioanalytische Prüfverfahren, wie sie im Rahmen einer Charakterisierung neuartiger Wirkstoffe oder Therapien im Vorfeld eines Zulassungsverfahrens zur Anwendung kommen.

Das Unternehmen arbeitet in Übereinstimmung mit den Grundsätzen der Guten Laborpraxis (GLP). Die Labore sind gemäß Gentechniksicherheitsverordnung der Schutzstufe S2 zugeordnet. Am Laborstandort in Berlin Adlershof werden bioanalytische GLP Prüfungen für die nicht-klinische Entwicklung neuartiger Therapien bearbeitet. Außerdem werden im Kundenauftrag klinische Studien der Phasen 0-3 gemäß ICH GCP Richtlinie bioanalytisch begleitet.

Ihr Kontakt zur Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH:
Christian Lange, Geschäftsführer
Telefon: +49 30 610 910 300 (Office) +49 30 610 910 307 (GLP Prüflabore)
E-Mail: service[at]accelero-bioanalytics.com

Ihr Kontakt zum GLP Schulungs- und Consultingangebot:
Joachim Hajok, GLP Qualitätssicherung
E-Mail: GLPpraxisnah[at]accelero-bioanalytics.com


German Quality Management Association (GQMA) Publishes Accelero GLP Summer Seminar Opportunities

Berlin, 31 January 2017
Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH, a Berlin-based contract service provider, announces today that the company´s 2017 summer seminars on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) have now been published on the website of the German Quality Management Associations (GQMA, formerly known as Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gute Forschungspraxis, DGGF).

Please follow this link to jump to the German GQMA website.


Accelero Member of the German Society of Independent Testing Laboratories

Berlin, 16 January 2017
Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH, a Berlin-based contract service provider, announces today that the company has now been granted a full membership for the German Society of Independent Testing Laboratories (VUP, Deutscher Verband Unabhängiger Prüflaboratorien eV).

Please follow this link to jump to the German VUP website, or download the German certificate here.