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Berlin, December 17, 2015
Aptahem AB is a biotechnology company based in Sweden which develops a group of patented RNA aptamers. Aptahem´s lead compound APTA-1 is currently being characterized in their preclinical programs.

Accelero Bioanalytics is pleased of being selected as a preferred cooperation partner for Aptahem´s APTA-1 preclinical drug development towards the clinical stage. Based on its strong expertise in this field, Accelero provides bioanalytical assay development and validation capabilities. One of this sensitive methods is specific for APTA-1 in biological matrices like plasma or tissues, and will be progressively advanced according to regulatory guidelines.

About Accelero Bioanalytics

The company is a privately held contract research organization (CRO) with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. Since October 2015, Accelero´s test facility operates in compliance with the OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Main focus is the marketing of bioanalytical services for research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Accelero´s team develops and validates custom-made bioanalytical testing methods as requested for the characterization of novel drugs or therapies prior to an authorization procedure.

About Aptahem AB

Aptahem develops drug candidates for treating and preventing diseases caused by blockage of blood vessels, such as deep vein thrombosis, stroke or heart failure. Thrombosis and related diseases causes more than 30 percent of all deaths worldwide and can occur from either genetic inheritance, surgery, trauma, medication or other diseases like cancer. The company has granted patents for Europe, USA, China, Canada and a patent pending in India.

Your Contact to Aptahem AB

Mikael Lindstam, CEO
Email: ml[at]aptahem.com
Internet: www.aptahem.com

Your Contact to Accelero Bioanalytics

Christian Lange, Managing Partner
Telephone: +49 30 610 910 300 (Office) +49 30 610 910 307 (GLP Laboratories)
Email: service[at]accelero-bioanalytics.com