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More that 52 private investors believe that Accelero Bioanalytics´ competent team has fantastic development potential ...

Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH sets the course for continued sustainable growth. The small startup team is now proud to notice an extreme positive feedback from potential investors for its business model. Accelero will close the current commercial year 2014 also with an annual profit, the third year in a row since the company was kicked off in 2011.

With a positive cash flow in the back, Accelero now will advance the service provider platform to a separate operational business unit focussing on the early-stage drug development biotechnology and pharmaceutical project pipeline up to Phase I clinical trials.

The crowdfunding model built up by Zencap Deutschland GmbH was selected to support the establishment of Accelero´s new business unit.

Zencap provides competent services right from the start. The company was funded in early 2014 and acts as an agent platform for lending-based crowdfunding for financial return. At the moment Zencap is active in Germany and Spain. Please visit Zencap´s corporate website for more informations.

The fact that private investors granted capital only within 18 days stands for itself. Zencap assigned Accelero to the second-best rating class A, which is a marvelous verification of Accelero´s business idea of a spirited team in line with regulatory requirements.