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Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH is a small biotech startup located in Berlin on its best way to become a GLP certified test facility. Today Accelero´s team is pround to enter into a cooperation with Dr Knoell Consult GmbH, one of Europe´s leading service providers in the field of global pharmaceutical registration and marketing. For more information on Knoell Consult´s active drug compound advisory and registration opportunities, please visit the Knoell Consult Website).

Knoell Consult will be responsible to guide Accelero´s team through the certification process in cooperation with the local authority. Knoell will also actively be involved in processes to establish a GLP compliant quality assurance program at Accelero.

With Knoell Consult on board Accelero Bioanalytics now has all components in place to form a corporate organigram which perfectly fits to the GLP requirements defined in the German Chemical Act (Chemikaliengesetz) as well as appropriate OECD guidelines.