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Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH, a highly innovative bioanalytical service provider for the Biotech industry located in the heart of Europe, reports today that the second time in a row the company can illustrate a positive net cash flow.

Revenues increased by 30 % in comparison to 2013. The annual net profit increased by 87 % in comparison to 2013. In addition to this excellent development, we are proud to report an 100% increase in Q1 order receipt and revenue in comparison to the 2013 Q1.

Forward Looking Statement 

By end of April the company´s turnover reached the 50% threshold of the previous year. The current receipt of orders describes a 50% increase in total revenues for the business year 2014.

There are three preclinical projects in the pipeline. These include not only assay development and full validation in accordance with the EMA guideline, but also includes PK analysis of investigational new drugs based on ribonucleic acid chemistry. Drug substance and drug product characterization studies form also part of these projects.

Additional clinical studies in the field of MRSA research or microRNA biomarker identification provide a strong accumulation in the regulatory study management.

The symbiosis partner synlab pharma institute, a division of the Synlab Umweltinstitut GmbH, is responsible to maintain a quality assurance in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). In terms of the OECD guideline on multisite studies, Accelero Bioanalytics will serve as a test site of the GLP test facility synlab. In fact we will share the same lab facility and QA staff. This construct is expected to receive an inspection by the local GLP authority in Q2 2014.