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Accelero® Bioanalytics GmbH, a Berlin-based biotech contract research business focusing on the emerging field of bioanalytical ligand binding DMPK assay services, announced today that Applied Biosystems´ ViiA™ 7 Dx Real-Time RT-qPCR System was added to its instrumentation.

The ViiA™ 7 Dx qPCR system is a new generation real time PCR system equipped with a 384-well interchangeable thermal cycling block for high throughput low volume sample analysis in real time.

High Throughput Sensitivity in Real Time: The ViiA 7 qPCR System.
120203 viia7 image
In combination with the also available blocks in 96-well or TaqMan™ array cartridge format, the ViiA™ 7 is the ideal instrument for Accelero® Bioanalytics´ customized preclinical and clinical drug development assay portfolio.

The system operates in full compliance to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations. The “in vitro diagnostics” (IVD) labelled qPCR instrument additionally allows for the realization of diagnostic (Dx) pharmacodynamic assays on human material.

Accelero® Bioanalytics is now in the position to offer a broad range of pharmacokinetic assays for the preclinical and clinical characterization of investigational new drugs (IND) like:

Small interfering RNA (siRNA)

Micro RNA (microRNA, miRNA)

Short hairpin RNA (shRNA)

These high-potential post-transcriptional regulators (like siRNA in plasma) can be quantified through Real-Time RT-qPCR assays in virtually any biological sample without any previous small RNA extraction procedure. All of these assays are available with or without internal small RNA control.

Along with the already validated sandwich hybridization assays, Accelero® Bioanalytics provides numerous detection assays with variable sensitivity.
The qPCR system also allows for the development and validation of the following ultra-sensitive assays:

Protein detection and quantification (Immuno qPCR, proximity ligation assays, PLA)

Pharmacodynamic gene expression analysis (mRNA quantification) w/o internal control

Ago family siRNA or microRNA load quantification for mode-of-action analysis

TaqMan™ 384-well Array Cards for gene quantification of pre-defined mRNA panels

Pharmacodynamic pathogen quantification in human nasal swap samples in antibiotics research


Additional informations or web resouces:

Applied Biosystems ViiA™ 7 qPCR product page


ViiA™ is a trademark of Applied Biosystems Inc.
TaqMan™ is a trademark of Roche Molecular Systems Inc.
Accelero® is a trademark fully owned by Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH, Berlin.