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Accelerō® Bioanalytics, a recently established contract research organization (CRO) located in the heart of Europe, is pleased to be selected as an associate sponsor for the EuroTIDES 2011 event. This year the well recognized meeting of Europe´s top RNA/DNA drug developers will take place in Berlin, Germany.

The EuroTIDES conference is an annually held coming-together of Europe´s biotechnology and pharmaceutical research community focussing on novel nucleic acid and peptide therapeutics. Top scientists will report on their recent progress in preclinical and clinical activities. Premium manufacturers and analytical service providers can be met to discuss very latest trends to tackle analytical challenges.

Accelerō® Bioanalytics is a novel bioanalytical service provider supporting the preclinical and clinical drug development of investigational new drugs (IND) like microRNA (miRNA) mimics and antagomirs, small interfering RNA (siRNA), antisense oligonucleotides, aptamers, and other therapeutics based on nucleic acid chemistry.

The assay portfolio is composed of virtually all ligand binding assays you can perform in 96-well or 386-well plates, includings tools for monoclonal antibody and peptide drug PK/PD research.

Bioanalytical DMPK activities comprise:

  1. Ligand binding assays, and data analysis for pharmacokinetic research;
  2. Immunogenicity studies e.g. like antibody detection assays (ADA);
  3. Chemokine and cytokine detection in response to INDs;
  4. Complement activation monitoring;
  5. Custom-made assays, e.g. like in vitro plasma protein binding to tritium-labelled therapeutics;
  6. Coming soon: AlphaScreen® assays as a label-free alternative to cost-intensive radioimmunoassays (RIA) for drug-drug interaction monitoring.

Customer projects can be provided in full compliance to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations, but are not restricted to the same. State-of-the-art instrumental equipment in combination with our perennial experience on ligand binding assays accelerate customer´s projects right from the start. Excellent assay sensitivity and selectivity is always validated in accordance to recent FDA and EMA guidelines.

Accelerō® Bioanalytics is proud to be one of the first to provide GLP compliant real-time RT-qPCR and real-time immunoassays (qPCR) for ultra-sensitive drug quantification.

Additional informations or web recources:

EuroTIDES 2011 Event Homepage


Accelero® is a registered trademark owned by Accelerō Bioanalytics, Berlin.
AlphaScreen® is a registered trademark of Perkin Elmer Inc.