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More that 52 private investors believe that Accelero Bioanalytics´ competent team has fantastic development potential ...

Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH sets the course for continued sustainable growth. The small startup team is now proud to notice an extreme positive feedback from potential investors for its business model. Accelero will close the current commercial year 2014 also with an annual profit, the third year in a row since the company was kicked off in 2011.

With a positive cash flow in the back, Accelero now will advance the service provider platform to a separate operational business unit focussing on the early-stage drug development biotechnology and pharmaceutical project pipeline up to Phase I clinical trials.

The crowdfunding model built up by Zencap Deutschland GmbH was selected to support the establishment of Accelero´s new business unit.

Zencap provides competent services right from the start. The company was funded in early 2014 and acts as an agent platform for lending-based crowdfunding for financial return. At the moment Zencap is active in Germany and Spain. Please visit Zencap´s corporate website for more informations.

The fact that private investors granted capital only within 18 days stands for itself. Zencap assigned Accelero to the second-best rating class A, which is a marvelous verification of Accelero´s business idea of a spirited team in line with regulatory requirements. 

Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH is a small biotech startup located in Berlin on its best way to become a GLP certified test facility. Today Accelero´s team is pround to enter into a cooperation with Dr Knoell Consult GmbH, one of Europe´s leading service providers in the field of global pharmaceutical registration and marketing. For more information on Knoell Consult´s active drug compound advisory and registration opportunities, please visit the corporate website).

Knoell Consult will be responsible to guide Accelero´s team through the certification process in cooperation with the local authority. Knoell will also actively be involved in processes to establish a GLP compliant quality assurance program at Accelero.

With Knoell Consult on board Accelero Bioanalytics now has all components in place to form a corporate organigram which perfectly fits to the GLP requirements defined in the German Chemical Act (Chemikaliengesetz) as well as appropriate OECD guidelines.

Accelero Bioanalytics´ founder is pleased to be selected as a co-author for a first-in-human phase I clinical trial investigating a siRNA drug product formulation: Schultheis B et al, J Clin Oncol 2014 Nov 17 (Pubmed, J Clin Oncol)

During his time as a bioanalytical scientist at the study sponsor´s site, the founder was responsible for pharmacokinetic assay development and detection of in vivo RNA interference in cynomolgus monkey lung tissue.

Accelero´s founder was subsequently involved in the pharmacokinetic sample analysis as well as the determination of relevant pharmacodynamic parameters like inflammation markers in human serum and plasma.

Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH, an innovative bioanalytical contract research service provider, is proud to cooperate with Rhenus Office Systems´ GLP certified test site in Großbeeren near Berlin. Rhenus will be providing long-term archiving services for Accelero´s increasing GxP service pipeline.

Rhenus Office Systems GmbH is one of the leading GxP archiving service providers in Germany. Currently the company maintains four GxP certified archiving test sites (Leverkusen, Frankfurt, Munich, and Großbeeren near Berlin).

For additional informations on Rhenus´ pharma service opportunities please feel free to visit the german or the english website.

In 2014 Accelero Bioanalytics team members will attend to events which will complete our expert knowledge. Get in touch with us to arrange an handshake appointment.


19th DGGF International Meeting

German Society for Good Research Practice - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gute Forschungspraxis
17-19 September 2014, Magdeburg, Germany
Attendee: Christian Lange, GLP Study Director Bioanalytics, DGGF member
Link to society: dggf.de/en/home/
Download flyer: 19th DGGF Meeting on GLP/GCP Topics


10 Years BIO Deutschland
German Association of the Biotechnology Industry

Parliamentary Evening - Parlamentarischer Abend
22 September 2014, German Bundestag - Deutscher Bundestag, Berlin, Germany
Attendee: Christian Lange, Managing Director
Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH is proud to be a member of BIO Deutschland eV.
Link to association: biodeutschland.org/association


4th Joined Conference Microbiology and Infection 2014

66th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM)
Annual Meeting of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology 2014 (VAAM)
05-08 October 2014, Dresden, Germany
Attendee: Dr Stefanie Heinrich, GCP Study Director Molecular Biology
Link to event: dghm-vaam-kongress.de/en/
Download flyer: 4th Microbiology and Infection Conference Program


7th European Bioanalysis Forum
Open Symposium "Beyond the horizon"

EBF 7th Open Meeting "Beyond the horizon - painting a new landscape"
19-21 November 2014, Barcelona, Spain
Attendee: Saskia Schellmann, GLP Study Director Biotechnology
Link to event: bcn2014.europeanbioanalysisforum.eu

Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH, a highly innovative bioanalytical service provider for the Biotech industry located in the heart of Europe, reports today that the second time in a row the company can illustrate a positive net cash flow.

Revenues increased by 30 % in comparison to 2013. The annual net profit increased by 87 % in comparison to 2013. In addition to this excellent development, we are proud to report an 100% increase in Q1 order receipt and revenue in comparison to the 2013 Q1.

Forward Looking Statement 

By end of April the company´s turnover reached the 50% threshold of the previous year. The current receipt of orders describes a 50% increase in total revenues for the business year 2014.

There are three preclinical projects in the pipeline. These include not only assay development and full validation in accordance with the EMA guideline, but also includes PK analysis of investigational new drugs based on ribonucleic acid chemistry. Drug substance and drug product characterization studies form also part of these projects.

Additional clinical studies in the field of MRSA research or microRNA biomarker identification provide a strong accumulation in the regulatory study management.

The symbiosis partner synlab pharma institute, a division of the Synlab Umweltinstitut GmbH, is responsible to maintain a quality assurance in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). In terms of the OECD guideline on multisite studies, Accelero Bioanalytics will serve as a test site of the GLP test facility synlab. In fact we will share the same lab facility and QA staff. This construct is expected to receive an inspection by the local GLP authority in Q2 2014.

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