Accelerō® Bioanalytics GmbH is a certified GLP test facility, and operates in compliance with ICH GCP regulations. Competent authorities approved Accelero's Biosafety Level S2 laboratories for both microbiology and genetic engineering. 

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Accelero is proud to present the following key features:


Accelero offers bioanalytical services for research areas like:


Accelero services include, but are not limited to:

All analytical methods are developed and validated according to the respective EMA, FDA, and/or ICH guidelines.


Dynamic Company History.

Accelero Bioanalytics is a privately owned service platform located in one of the most exciting cities in Europe. The driving force is the idea that high quality bioanalysis should not necessarily be linked to extraordinary high costs. In combination with short communication paths and quick reaction times, a fascinating laboratory service platform emerged from a positive cash flow. Since its funding in 2011 the company continued to grow with its challenges. The Accelero team is excited about the future!

2011 December - Bootstrap funding of a limited liability company
2014 December - First successful crowdlending campaign
2015 February - Moving to, and establishing of a new test facility in Berlin Adlershof
2015 October - Successful OECD GLP certification by competent authority (§19 German Chemicals Act)
2016 February - Accelero launches GLP consulting and training services
2016 May - Re-Inspection according to Genetic Engineering Act, Infection Protection Act, Biosafety Act
2016 all year - First client GCP audits
2016 December - 5th Anniversary of Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH
2017 February - Publication of 2016 financial year results
2018 January - Publication of 2017 financial year results
2018 November - Successful GLP re-inspection by competent authority
2019 February - Launching complementary website (Blog)
2019 September - First exhibition at NLS Days 2019 in Malmö/København
2020 January - Launching 256-bit AES encripted and GDPR compliant Managed File Exchange platform at

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