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Accelero´s flow cytometer is fully IQ/OQ/PQ qualified, and validated in compliance with respective guidelines for computerized systems.

The following services are available for cell culture, microbiology, and biomarker monitoring:

  • Absolute live/dead cell counting, cell proliferation assays, apoptosis assays, cell viability assays.
  • Cell type identification from culture and in vivo samples.
  • New: Isolation of blood cell subpopulations using magnetic particles, e.g. CD4+ (T-cells, monocytes, macrophages), CD8+ (cytotoxic T-cells), CD14+ (monocytes, macrophages), CD16+ (neutrophils), or CD19+ (lymphocytes), followed by flow cytometry QC.
  • ADCC assay (Antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity).
  • ADCP assay (Antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis).
  • CDC assay (Complement-dependent cytotoxicity).
  • Biomarker identification and monitoring as a clinical pharmacodynamic parameter.
  • Bacterial cultures live/dead cell counting.
  • New: Particle-based multiplex FirePlex® immunoassays.
  • New: Particle-based multiplex FirePlex® miRNA profiling assays, directly from biofluids, no extraction required.
  • Nanocarrier particle sizing and counting for drug product characterization.
  • Genomic DNA analysis, nucleic acid composition.
  • New: Epitope quantification on tissue-specific, viable cells after tissue dissociation.

FirePlex® is the new name for Abcam´s Firefly assays. FIREPLEX is a trademark registered by Abcam plc in the United States, and is an unregistered trademark elsewhere.


Test System / Instrumentation:

Guava easyCyte 8HT System, 21 CFR part 11 compliant (Merck Millipore), equipped for the analysis of high-throughput 96-well plates


Accelero Bioanalytics maintains cell culture capabilities. Our team isolates and cultures peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from fresh blood material of your choice (animal or human origin).

Please contact us if you need for example:

  • PBMC isolation by the method of your choice (several methods are available)
  • Isolation of sub-populations using densitiy gradient centrifugation and / or  magnetic bead technology
  • Drug substance and / or drug product characterization on PBMCs in vitro (uptake, toxicity, immunostimulation, etc)
  • Innate immune response monitoring in vitro via Toll-like receptor pathways by applying PBMCs as an ex vivo model
  • Ex vivo genetic engineering of your cell population of choice (TALEN or CRISPR technology)
  • Molecular biological characterization of genetically engineered or modified ex vivo cell populations


Accelero Human PBMC Cell Culture

Select one of the cell lines we already have in stock, or submit your preferred cell line for cell-based assay development and validation.

Please contact the Accelero team if you will need for example:

  • Cell line culture as an in vitro assay model
  • Cell line genetic engineering
  • CRISPR/Cas9 vector construct transfection and gene locus characterization
  • TALEN-mediated genome editing
  • Gene transcript knockdown via the DICER - RISC/Ago2 pathway
  • cell viability assays


Last update of this site: 23-FEB-2018 by Christian Lange

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