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Accelero Bioanalytics provides a comprehensive test method portfolio. From early-stage project setup (target identification, cloning, cell culture ... etc. ) up to in vivo drug product characterization (toxicokinetic profiling, pharmacodynamics, blood cell characterization ... etc. ) - Accelero covers nearly all stages of the typical drug substance / drug product development.


ELISA & Hybridization 
Assay setup and validation, PK/PD bioanalysis for GLP and GCP (GCLP) studies.

Real Time qPCR & RTqPCR 
Assay development and validation for GLP and GCP (GCLP) studies.

Flow Cytometry (FACS) 
Bacterial or mammalian cell isolation, culture, characterization - multiplex assay setup and validation for GLP and GCP (GCLP) studies.
New: Particle-based multiplex FirePlex® immunoassays.
New: Particle-based multiplex FirePlex® miRNA profiling assays, directly from biofluids, no extraction required.
FirePlex® is the new name for Abcam´s Firefly assays. FIREPLEX is a trademark registered by Abcam plc in the United States, and is an unregistered trademark elsewhere.

NEW: EliSpot & Triple FluoroSpot 
Most sensitive immunoassays, 3-channel detection - setup and validation for GLP and GCP (GCLP) studies.

Biomarker Microarrays 
RNA and Protein biomarker identification utilizing microarray glass slide technology - binding partner identfication.

Pharmacokinetic / Toxicokinetic / Statistical Analysis 
Data analysis for PK profiling e.g. for different routes of administration, GCP Phase 1 dose escalation studies.

Supply Chain: Sample Collection / Clinical Kits and GxP Shipment Organisation 
We provide clinical kits and organize the complete sample collection and shipment for your GxP studies.


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